Welcome to cakesolutions.org: the open source side of Cake Solutions. Over the many years of our development, we have created many interesting libraries. Unfortunately, we did not always make the work available to the wider audience.

No more!

Starting today, cakesolutions.org will become the technical and open source hub at Cake Solutions. We will publish all our open source work here; we’ll keep the source at Github, of course.


The next project is Scalad: the motivation for this project is the similarly-named Spring Data project. We wish to simplify typical data persistence operations in your Scala applications. We have written the code that will become one of the modules in Scala Data in one of our commercial projects (using Neo4j); the task ahead of us is to architect clear separation of all the other data access mechanisms (other NoSQL databases, JPA & other such animals). 

Moreover, Scala Data will bring all the functional goodness: imagine being able to use coroutines to construct the Neo4j graphs, and iteratees to give you fine control over data selection (not to mention possibility to combine the iteratees!). Expect version 0.1 just in time for Christmas!

Specs2 Spring

We wish to start you off with the Specs2 Spring Extension, which brings acceptance and integration specification testing to your Spring code. Use Specs2 Spring to sneak Scala into your existing Java-based Spring Framework projects. 

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